Texoma Gospel Music Association

Deep In The Heart of North Texas!

Eddie Ring, Dr. Mary Fay Jackson, Dr. Billy Holcomb
pictured left to right

About Us

Texoma Gospel Music Association

Billy Wayne Holcomb
Founder February 1, 1977


The Texoma Gospel Music Association is unique in being the oldest Gospel Music Association headquartered in the State of Texas and Oklahoma.

Our first offices were established located in the cities of Denison, Texas and Coleman, Oklahoma.

I Billy Wayne Holcomb was the sole creator and operator of TGMA which was first named Texoma Music Magazine Awards, which was a one-man operation for 4 straight years 1977/1981.

We closed our office in Coleman, Oklahoma in June 1985.

I was General Overseer of TGMA 1977/2019, along with a number of numerous President's over the years, named as President by me. In 2019, I relinquished my role, as General Overseer to Dr. Mary Fay Jackson" who now is General Overseer and President with her handpicked officer's and staff.

My Role Today in TGMA is being its Number One Fan, Promoter. and active Member for Dr. Mary Fay Jackson.

TGMA's origin came about as a Gary Wayne Wilkinson Benefit, a motorcycle accident victim which was hosted by The Texoma Music Magazine Awards.

Our first program had to be postponed until 1978, which had two Awards that year in August & November.

Young Gary would later pass away due to his injuries.